George Omelenchuk built bike

 This bicycle was seen at a recent midwest swap meet and it is a nice example of an American framebuilder in the 1960s, in the Detroit area. There was very few American builders at that time, Eisentraut was just starting out. George Omelenchuk starting building frames and then expanded to rims, hubs, stems and other … Continue reading George Omelenchuk built bike

Memory Lane swap meet pt.1

 A pile of Schwinn Paramount frames. All larger sizes. Schwinn Mini-Twinn with Ram's Horn handlebars rusty blue looks nice. Early Gormley & Jefferies with nice wooden rims and rare aluminum rear fender. Original finish 1939 Schwinn badged BF Goodrich.  Early 1950s Peugeot Porteur bike with aftermarket rack. Headlight is mounted incorrectly for a bike with a rack. George Omelenchuk bicycle, … Continue reading Memory Lane swap meet pt.1

pictures 4- oh what a bore!

Part of the pictures series. This time we have a Moulton, Omelenchuk, and an invisible bike.The Moulton was build during the period that Huffy was subcontracting them to import cool bikes(they also imported a super cool Carlton with Cappela lugs, and translucent paint over a chrome frame. My coworker Matt has one). This Moulton has … Continue reading pictures 4- oh what a bore!